I'm impress
Mission Statement

Our Vision
IMPRESS means to impress.

We impress all our stakeholders. Our aim is to be a strong, valuable and reliable partner, while supplying customers worldwide in the furniture, flooring and woodworking industries with our decors and products.

Our Mission
By being responsive to specific needs, cultures and markets, and providing the right decor, innovative products and a tailor-made service, we always have the bigger picture in mind, scouting out trends today that are key to the designs of tomorrow.
Our Values
We identify with our company and products which drives us to always search inquisitively and creatively for new approaches and solutions for our partners.
We are accessing new markets and continually working to optimize our organization for the successful long-term development of our company.
Our greatest potential comes with the right people in the right positions. Trust, honesty, openness and integrity are fundamental values that govern our behavior.
With passion and courage to innovate we are working energetically to shape our future. We lead the way through common goals, encourage responsibility and independence.
Drawing on all our experiences - including our failures - we are actively working to optimize our organization continuously.
We are committed to manufacture high value products in an efficient and sustainable manner by minimizing the environmental impact. We are aware of our responsibility to future generations.
Our interconnected, international teams, combined with a company culture that values open communication and promotes personal development, facilitate quick decision-making and shared success.
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