Impress Decor presents a new concept of living at ForMóbile 2022

Formóbile — International Fair of the Furniture and Wood Industry — physically returned this year at Expo São Paulo, after a four year hiatus. The participation of Impress Decor in this significant event marked positively in segment's national calendar.

The entire concept of Impress stand was focused on Uchronia. The stand was a highlight in ForMobile as customers, suppliers, exhibitors and the press who passed through it were very impressed.

The core of the stand,called O Tempo Suspenso (Suspended Time) created by André Romitelli and Martina Brusius along with Impress team of designers, enabled visitors to produce photos with a stage design of a suspended house. It was a great success as the installation was fully interactive and Instagrammable. “People were able to have fun and at the same time understand the concept behind the Uchronia campaign. It was a move to unfurl within the fair in a very interactive and instantaneous way", comments Jessica Hori, Marketing Manager.

This stand didn’t make visitors only have fun stopping their journey for a photo, but also, it made each of them regain an awareness of the passage of time. Spending a few hours a week with your family, meditating, reading or having an enriching conversation with someone in an unusual way can also be a way to use time to your advantage. But with the rush that routine imprisons us, can we measure or at least have the perception that time is passing?

Impress is constantly focusing on this question and invited visitors to this passage of time in a deeper way during Formóbile. An invitation to connect with our bodies, our minds and the environment around us, so that we can thrive on our own terms. This is the provocation of the new concept, the representation of a world with greater timeless freedom, full of fluidity, where lives are not dictated by hours, minutes and seconds, alarms and schedule full of commitments, but gently influenced by our own natural rhythms.

The main idea of the garden was to create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation, in which people could observe nature as a reflection of the perception of time. In addition to being a way of reconnecting with nature, the garden served as the basis for the presentation of products, where textures, colors and movements also brought inspiration and context to the stand. This perception makes us reimagine a world where time is better spent valuing the most important things in our daily lives, slowing down and seeking new affective connections between people and the environment. The olfactory sensation along the way was an element that was mentioned and highly praised by visitors.

In addition to the Uchronia concept, visitors were able to see 20 launches chosen under the concept, also linked to the latest trends in world design. “We brought a selection of super special products, which are very connected to what we are bringing as a trend and what we believe will be a trend in the future. But they are also a response to what we have just seen at Milan Design Week and other world fairs", explains Alexandre Chiquiloff, Product and Design Manager.

Impress Decor not only had its own stand at Formóbile, but was also present at the stands of several customers, presenting exclusive releases and solutions for the furniture, flooring and paneling segment. “It was a very important moment because we had a return from the face-to-face events and we were able to exchange ideas, talk and especially strengthen our great relationship with customers and suppliers", Alexandre concludes.

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