I'm Clever!

By adding special additives to the resins used during impregnation, we are able to adapt and optimise products to suit the specific requirements of our customers. Thus, production parameters, transportation characteristics or product properties, such as resistance to heat and water or cut resistance, can be adjusted to create a very durable product.

Our range, which can rise to almost any challenge, comprises:

Resin Hardeners for:

  • optimised quality of the final product
  • improved control of the hardening profile and duration
  • tailored triggering of the polycondensation process
  • extended service life of impregnated decor paper

Resin Stabilisers for:

  • extended use of the resin system in the machine
  • specific control of the hardening profile and duration

Resin modifiers for:

  • improved resin properties
  • optimised resin flow
  • increased surface elasticity and lower fragility and brittleness
  • increased resistance to steam, moisture and heat in the final product
  • improved reproduction of patterns and structures (e.g. wood grains), without affecting the appearance

Wetting and parting agents for:

  • optimised penetration
  • optimised resin flow on the paper surface
  • smoothness of the surface on the impregnation
  • increased productivity by avoiding residue and adhesion of the product to the press plate

Pigment dispersion for:

  • improved opacity and light diffusion of white decorative paper
  • good viscosity and yield in the resin system
  • optimised coverage, even with low grammage

Anti-foam solution for:

  • reducing foam in the resin system during mixing and in production

Extender for:

  • reducing the use of melamine in the production of melamine resins
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